Shanghai Jahwa (600315) 2018 Annual Report Commentary: Q4 bucks the trend for the better 2019 Herborist aims to adjust its output

Shanghai Jahwa (600315) 2018 Annual Report Commentary: Q4 bucks the trend for the better 2019 Herborist aims to adjust its output

This report reads: The company’s 2018Q4 revenue increased against the trend, smoothed out through e-commerce channels, and the adjustment of the Herborist brand. In 2019, the company is committed to maintaining double-digit revenue growth and continuous improvement in operating quality.

Investment points: Investment advice: The company’s Q4 will achieve 12% revenue growth against the trend. It is expected to continue to maintain double-digit revenue growth in 2019. It is worth looking forward to expanding the brand matrix in multiple ways.

Considering the increase in the consumption and operating costs of the new plant and the reduction of government subsidies, the company’s EPS for 2019-2020 is reduced to 0.

96 (-0.

16) / 1.

23 (-0.

28) yuan, 四川耍耍網 the company’s EPS is expected to be 1 in 2021.

54 yuan, considering the continued high growth in revenue, given a PS estimate of 3 in 2019.

6 times, maintain target price of 44 yuan, increase the level of holdings.

Benefiting from the high growth of e-commerce, Q4 revenue bucked the upward trend.

The company initially achieved revenue of 71 in 2018.

400 million US dollars, an annual increase of 10%, net profit attributed to mother 5.

40,000 yuan, an increase of 38 in ten years.

63%, EPS0.

81 yuan, in line with market expectations.

Single-quarter revenue increased by 12%, mainly benefiting from the high growth of e-commerce channels (the growth rate of the entire network on Double Eleven exceeded 40%).

The company deducts non-net profit 4.

57 trillion, an increase of 37 in ten years.

8%. In 2018, the Qingpu factory was relocated, and government subsidies increased by more than 10 years.

100 million, but the non-recurring income offset by other items is only 0 more each year.

2.5 billion, the overall operating quality is steadily improving.

In terms of brand, Tang Meixing performed well in 2018 with a revenue of 16.

300 million, a year-on-year increase of 13%, and a net profit of 0.

7.5 billion, a 103% increase in ten years.

It is expected that the number of Liushen will increase by two, and the number of U.S. and Canadian net highs will increase. Under the influence of Herborist, online distributors, etc., it is expected that the revenue in 2018 will be slightly negative, but in 2019, the direction of Zhungufang + technology empowerment has been found, and revenue is expected to resume growth.

In 2019, we will see the new products of Herborist. The agency + M & A extension is worth looking forward to.

The company’s operating goal for 2019 is still to achieve double-digit revenue growth. After the Herborist brand and channels have been rationalized, it strives for new growth points.

In addition, the company began to sell CHD baking soda products successively in the second half of 2018, and gradually continued to expand the new brand matrix through agency + mergers and acquisitions.

Risk reminder: improper cost control, intensified industry competition, and economic growth decline

Huaxia Happiness (600340): A New Year for the Development of China Happiness

Huaxia Happiness (600340): A New Year for the Development of China Happiness

Core point of view: The performance commitment is completed, and the land revenue and profit contribution ability has been improved for 18 years. Huaxia Happiness’s operating income has reached 838 million US dollars, an annual increase of 40.

5%, attributable net profit of 117.

4.6 billion, an annual increase of 33.

8%, fulfilled performance commitment.

The increase in income was mainly due to the increase in real estate income, with settlement of 51.5 billion in 18 years, an annual increase of 78.

2%, settlement gross margin rose by 7.

5 units.

The profit rate of industrial services has declined, and the scale of first-level investment returns has remained basically stable.

The proportion of business outside Beijing has increased in an all-round way, and investment in industrial new cities has converged to achieve sales of 1,627 in 18 years.

6 ppm, an increase of 6 in ten years.

9%, of which real estate sales amounted to 131.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 7.

7%, general sales area of 1502, average price dropped to 8816 yuan / square meter, the proportion of sales area outside Beijing increased to 52%, of which Zhengzhou Central has performed extremely well.

During the year, the company’s industrial 都市夜網 new city business investment has significantly decreased, with the newly-added inventory of US $ 24.7 billion, a continuous decline of 70%, and the expansion of investment and operating cash scales down19.


Ping An’s shareholding and direct financing were smooth. Off-balance sheet financing was included in Ping An of China in 18 years and became the second largest shareholder of China Happiness with a total share capital of 25.


Ping An’s shareholding has improved the company’s direct financing and management capabilities. New direct financing increased by US $ 31 billion during the year, an annual increase of 66%.

Former China Resources Land Wu Xiangdong, Yu Jian became the company’s co-chairman and general manager.

The company’s EPS is expected to be 4 in 19 and 20 respectively.

93, 6.

03無錫桑拿網 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating Huaxia Happiness Industrial New City model copyright must be estimated to have an advantage of 11 to 16 years, the company’s average PEforward level is 10.

91x, in 2017, the Beijing area implemented a very strict purchase restriction policy. The company’s main layout of park sales was hindered, and the average PE was estimated to fall back to 7.

5 times.

A 19-year reasonable value grants 7 for proof of annual performance.

5x estimate, the reasonable price is 36.

99 yuan / share.

The risk reminder boom continues to decline, and sales rebates in purchase-restricted areas are not increased, affecting the company’s subsequent performance.

Cibin Group (601636): Demand picks up and profits improve month-on-month

Cibin Group (601636): Demand picks up and profits improve month-on-month

This report reads: The company’s 2019 Interim Report is in line with expectations. We judge whether the completion of the completion of the demand will pick up and the profit in the second half will be better than the first half.

Investment Highlights: Maintain “Overweight” rating.

19H1 company achieved revenue of 40.

700 million yuan, an increase of 7.

9%, net profit attributable to mother 5.

2 trillion, the same minus 20.

9%, in line with market expectations.

We judge that the demand for gradual completion will pick up, and the company’s profit will improve in the second half of the year, raising the EPS to 0 in 2019-21.

46, 0.

51 (+0.

02), 0.

58 (+0.

02) Yuan, corresponding 合肥夜網 to 2019PE7.

7 times, maintaining target price of 6.

01 yuan.

Float prices rose month-on-month, and profits improved significantly.

It is estimated that the number of original float box of 19Q2 company is about 72.

8 yuan, down about 1 a year.

7 yuan, but the chain increased by about 1.

4 yuan; gross profit of the box, net profit of the box reached 16/10.

5 yuan, down about 3/1 a year.

5 yuan, a significant improvement over the previous month, increased by 2 respectively.

8/2 yuan.

After the second quarter, the float price has increased moderately. We estimate that the average molecular weight of the box in July has reached 74.

5 yuan, gross profit of the box, net profit of the box reached 18/12 yuan.

We judge the glass price and profitability in the second half of the year will be significantly better 南京夜網論壇 than the first half and 18H2.

The production and sales rate in Q2 exceeded 100, and demand picked up and is expected to continue.

Q2’s production and sales reached 2.9322.37 million heavy cases, with an increase of 2.21 and 1.66 million heavy cases each year.

In 2018, the company completed the cold modification of 3 production lines in Changxing, Liling and Zhangzhou, and the production of the 1000t / d ultra-white glass line in Luzhou also ended at the end of the year (2-19mm ultra-white glass). As of the end of the second quarter of 2019, the company hasWith 26 float lines, the daily melting amount reaches 17,600t.

The macro and micro data in July have released the signal of completion of the recovery. We believe that the continuous improvement of glass demand will become a large probability.

The profitability of engineering glass continues to climb.

Reported Tier 1 companies Guangdong / Zhejiang / Malay energy-saving glass projects recorded revenue1 respectively.



2 trillion, of which Guangdong and Zhejiang have achieved profit, reaching 466,5.8 million yuan, respectively, Malay energy can still reduce 12.47 million yuan.

We judge that the profitability of the company’s engineering glass will continue to improve through the climb of maximum production capacity.

Risk warning: the recovery of completed demand is less than expected, and the capacity is disorderly released

10 mistakes to give your baby medicine

10 mistakes to give your baby medicine

Mistake 1: It is difficult to control the amount of medicine given to a baby with a normal spoon or a teaspoon of medicine, and causing too much or too little will affect the curative effect.

  The correct way is: best to use a test tube-shaped spoon for feeding children with medicine; use a dropper for feeding to infants.

If there is no dedicated medicine spoon, the ideal alternative is a teaspoon for serving.

  Mistake 2: There is a reason to not shake the potion before taking it. Take the potion before taking it. There is a reason, because you need to mix all kinds together. Otherwise, 2/3 of the medicine at the beginning is not enough.One third of it is too strong.

  Mistake # 3: “Baby, it tastes like candy.”

“Never try to trick children into saying that the taste of the medicine is wonderful.

Children sometimes have unexpected problems with tasting “delicious” medicines.

You should educate your children to follow the rules for taking medicine, just like educating your children to follow the rules for taking medicine, just like teaching your children not to play with fire.

Ask your child to remember “Only with the permission of your doctor can you take medicine.

“It’s not impossible to tell your child that the taste of a medicine is” good “, but you must remind your child to take only medicines that adults give him.

Keep all medicines out of the reach of children.

  Mistake 4: Feed your child medicine when not necessary. Many minor problems, such as uncomfortable throat, runny nose, and slight cough, can heal quickly without medication.

In fact, many of the medicines bought back only treat the symptoms but not the root causes, and the medicines have side effects. Parents should not give their children random medicine.

For safety, it is not advisable to store too much medicine at home to minimize children’s exposure to the medicine.

  Mistake 5: Give your child aspirin-rich drugs. Parents should know that they should not give their children aspirin because it may cause Rael syndrome and damage their brain and liver.

What you need to be careful of is that some drugs, on the surface, are not aspirin, but indirectly contain aspirin.

So the safest way is to ask your doctor to prescribe medicine.

  Mistake 6: Give infants’ antipyretic drugs to toddlers. The effective drug concentration in infant antipyretic drugs is higher than that of children’s formulas, and some drugs are taken by infants more than three times as much.

The original reason was that the baby absorbed the drug relatively well and it was easier to spit it out.

If you pour the baby antipyretic medicine in a spoon and give it to toddlers, you may give too much.

The correct way is to read the medicine bottle and all the labels on the medicine box, paying special attention to whether it is “infant formula” or “child formula”.

  Mistake # 7: Keep expired medicines. Each medicine has an expiration date. Expired medicines are harmful and useless.

You must develop a habit of seeing if the medicine has expired before feeding it to your child.

The safest way is to clean the medicine cabinet or medicine cabinet every 3 months and discard the expired medicines.

  Mistake 8: Transforming the medicine into a container. The original container of some medicines may be too large and occupy a little space, but do not change the container because of this. If you forget to write down the drug name and instructions for use and write it on the new container, or writeKnowing this can easily lead to the wrong medicine or the wrong amount.

Please do not take risks to save places.

  Mistake # 9: Continue to eat without improvement. If the child has not taken any medicine for two or three days and has not improved, they should stop taking it and take the child to the doctor as soon as possible.

Don’t expect to take these medicines to take effect. It is possible that your child’s complications are not as simple as they seem, and you must ask your doctor for symptomatic treatment.

  Mistake # 10: Sharing prescription medicines. If your child used some eye drops last month, and now his little cousin has the same eye disease, why not use the remaining eye drops?

First, the dropper of the medicine may have been contaminated when it was last used; in addition, conditions that seem to have the same symptoms may be caused by different reasons.

So even if the same child has the exact same disease as before, he should be checked by a doctor before giving the child the same prescription.

Tell the doctor what medicines you have, and let him judge: can you continue to use them, or do you need to refill them?

Six Love Psychology Lessons for Women

Six Love Psychology Lessons for Women

Lesson 1: Love is not all about life. For women, love is life, oxygen, and life. Therefore, women’s love is always vigorous and well known to the world; many women will devote all their feelings.

But men are different. Even if they are in love, they will have the ability to relentlessly refuse to accept the six relatives and focus on the things in front of them.

  Men are too ruthless. Maybe you will think so. Sometimes you will be angry with him again because of other things.

In fact, they are just more practical, knowing that in real life there are many things more important than love, some work, some money, and then re-his brothers . Remember: he did not despise your existence at all.

  Lesson 2: Keep silent at the end of time There are too many women who are prone to a problem, that is, regardless of each other’s friendship, they like to count the small and large things in life, and whether or not the other party is interested, just talk about it.A few hours.

  Yes, women like and are good at sharing secrets with others, but everything is the same size, right or wrong, when you are half-familiar, you will be confided. Telling secrets can only make you boring in men’s eyes, trivial and no mystery,This concludes the relationship between the two.

  In fact, more men are fond of showing off their benefits to women, and then just listen to it.

Because he just wants you to “worship” him for a while, remember to give him a positive look from time to time . Lesson 3: Private affairs do not tell friends that women apart from sometimes wishing to share their thoughts with the first-time men,There are also some fatal problems, that is, being open and frank with the sisters, almost to the point of talking about everything, from the lover’s childhood nickname, to kissing skills, and even . are the topics of chat with each other.

  But women have thought about it, sharing these intimate affairs with friends is very likely to cast a shadow in your interaction with him.

There is no doubt that everything is not concealed, very uncomfortable, it is a kind of betrayal and betrayal; gradually, maybe you did n’t really care about it, but because you heard your friend cheer up, “Yeah, heIt’s really hard to please “and it feels worse.

What you should not tolerate originally, but because your friend is kind and consoling, it makes you even less determined to solve the problem.

  Lesson 4: Seeing the problem is more straightforward. When men and women are interacting, understanding each other is definitely what the genders are striving for, but the focus of understanding between men and women is completely different.

A woman wants to know why he called at night instead of noon?

Why did he ask me to watch a movie?

Is there a special reason for this?

  Compared to women’s inferior speculation, what men want to know is the truth; how old are you, are you single?

Are you free on Saturday night?

Do you want to see me?

Do you love me?

Many women call a man’s straightforward decision, a frank statement that he has seen what he sees as cold and ruthless, which is unfair.

In fact, men see the problem more like a car running on the road. Their usual way of thinking is from land A to land B, which is straight and rarely deviates from the track.

  If a man asks you to watch a movie, don’t think about any symbolic meaning that it implies at first, just think about why he asked you to watch it instead of asking others.

Ten out of ten is because he loves you, likes you, that’s all.

  Lesson 5: This sentence does not mean “man is afraid of promise”. The fact is that “man is afraid of the promised dialogue is not the woman who is destined to do it.” Men always ask themselves before entering a stable relationship.: Does she meet my needs?

How well do they cooperate in sex?

Financially, can she be self-sufficient?

  If the answers to all the questions are positive, he will never waste time and talk to you softly. In all likelihood, he will retreat and continue to look for beautiful women on the road of love.

Never like a woman, it is appropriate to polish each other clearly, or to sharpen the horns of the horns and blindly want to transform each other.

In the end, it is difficult for Qu San people to complete, or “long pain is worse than short pain”!

  Lesson 6: Love is not painful and unwilling to live This is not to say that Chinese people are cold-blooded and ruthless, and cannot feel the feelings of seven emotions and six desires.

When a woman falls in love, she will be sad and cry, and she will cry darkly; a woman of a higher level will not touch the water for a few days.

Men may indulge in sentimentalism because of falling in love, not eating or drinking.

  Part of the reason why men are so open-minded is due to general biological behavioral responses.

Experts believe: “Psychologically, men are more likely than women to have psychochemical reactions to overcome pain.

“In addition to the psychological differences, of course, men recover faster on the road to broken love.

They know that they will fall in love again after all, where there is no grass in the world, not to mention, the most practical healing method is to fall in love with another person as soon as possible.

Don’t take rhinitis as a treatment and prevention of cold allergic rhinitis

Don’t take rhinitis as a treatment and prevention of cold allergic rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis is what we usually call allergic rhinitis.

According to conservative estimates, the number of patients with chronic allergic rhinitis has exceeded 1 billion, and the incidence is increasing year by year.

In addition to known allergens such as pollen, dust mites, fog, car exhaust, etc. may be the cause of allergic rhinitis.

  Seventy percent of allergic rhinitis is considered a member of the Otolaryngology Branch of the Chinese Medical Doctors Association and director of the Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, said Zhang Gehua, the pollution fraction in the air increases the incidence of allergic rhinitis.

  Clinically, when diagnosing allergic rhinitis, doctors will make a diagnosis based on whether the patient has recurrent episodes of sneezing, excessive nasal secretions, significant nasal congestion and itchy nose and other typical sensitive symptoms, and related diagnostic tests.

“The nasal cavity of patients with allergic rhinitis is often pale and watery.

Perform allergen diagnostic tests such as skin tests, serum IgE detection and challenge tests.

Zhang Gehua said.

But many people go to the wrong hospital or department, and 70% of allergic rhinitis is considered a cold.

  Divided into intermittent and continuous According to the symptoms and severity, allergic rhinitis is divided into perennial allergic rhinitis or suffering from rhinitis, and recombinant rhinitis often occurs in the season of pollen.

“The latest classification is to divide allergic rhinitis into intermittent rhinitis and persistent rhinitis. According to the number of days and duration of onset, if you sneeze every week, the runny symptoms are greater than four days, and the duration of the disease lasts more than four weeks, then defineFor persistent allergic rhinitis, otherwise intermittent rhinitis.

Zhang Gehua said that exposure to allergens is the root cause of allergic rhinitis.

Any substance containing large molecular proteins can cause allergies.

Allergies can occur as a result of a combination of genetic susceptibility genes and external environmental factors.

“If the nasal mucosa is contacted with an allergen, it will activate inflammatory cells in the body, produce an inflammatory response, and eventually show clinical symptoms.

Zhang Gehua said that exposure to allergens is the root cause of allergic rhinitis.

  ■ Typical symptoms: Nasal itching: first symptoms: sneezing: paroxysmal episodes, more than 3 or 10 runny noses each time: a lot of watery nose and itchy eyes: or other eye symptoms ■ Treatment and prevention of allergic rhinitis cannot be cured “Essential allergic rhinitis cannot be cured.

It will repeat if exposed to a specific allergen environment.

Zhang Gehua said, however, proper treatment can alleviate allergic symptoms or minimize the impact on quality of life.

  Treatment principle 1 Avoid contact with allergens If you are allergic to proteinogens on animal hair, you need to stay away from pets such as cats and dogs.

At the same time, reduce indoor pollution. If you live in a new room, you should first test the pollution index in the environment to avoid irritating odors such as paint and paint.

  Avoid “urban pollution” and protect the environment. If you are known to be allergic, wear a mask when you go out. Do not dry the sheets and bedding outdoors, as pollen and fine dust will stick to it.

  Principle 2 of the treatment Standardize drug treatment Distance treatment mentions three main drugs, one is oral antihistamine, one is local antihistamine, and one is intranasal glucocorticoid.

The use of intranasal glucocorticoids is directly applied to the nasal cavity, which is the most direct and most effective. In terms of selection, it needs to be adjusted according to its symptoms. If it is only local allergic rhinitis, use intranasal glucocorticoidsHormone spray is enough, but for allergic symptoms, oral antihistamines are needed to treat them, and in the future, reduce the dose or adjust other treatments.

  Treatment principle 3 may be considering desensitization treatment.

This treatment method is to use skin test or in vitro test to find a positive allergen infusion, start a small amount of subcutaneous injection at a suitable low concentration, gradually increase the concentration and dose, and maintain the dose after several months of treatment.

Beautiful sports in the office

Beautiful sports in the office

Due to lifestyle habits and supplementary work, urban women easily forget to exercise. In fact, usually a few simple exercises can shape your elegant figure. Of course, it is more important to get healthy.

  Sitting on the chair with graceful arms, hold the rope with both feet, pull the rope with both hands, and lift your legs horizontally.

  Tip: Don’t stick to the back of the chair, sit forward slightly, lean back, lean on the back, step on the rope with your forefoot, and shorten the rope properly to make the leg lifting easier.

  The slender calf takes a small step forward with the left leg and the right leg with a lunge.

Hold your left hand on your left leg, your right hand on top, and lean your upper body forward.

Push your body forwards and downwards, and then lift up to rest for 5 seconds.

  Tips: When you stretch your legs and do lunges and depressions, adjust the amplitude to your comfort. When you exercise, you will feel a stretch in your leg muscles.

How to make milk powder to complete nutrition

How to make milk powder to complete nutrition

How should infant formula be more appropriate?

Milk powder has some breastmilk, and powdered milk is exquisite, not too thick or too light.

Also, have you noticed the cleaning problems during the baby milk powder process?

  How to prepare formula milk powder?

  1. Adults should wash their hands with soap and water before preparing milk powder.

  2. Put the clean milk cup / bottle, milk cap and pacifier into the pot, and submerge it with water.

Cover the pot and boil for 10 minutes and cool.

  3. Boil to high temperature in another kettle and cool to 40 degrees.

Pour the appropriate amount of warm water into the sterilized bottle.

  4. Open the milk powder can, and use the special measuring spoon in the can to measure the correct milk powder according to the instructions on the can.

  5. After measuring the milk powder, add some warm water. For example, measure 5 square spoons of milk powder and add 250 ml of warm water. Stir the milk powder with a spoon to completely dissolve.

Do not shake the bottle vigorously to prevent foam and bubbles from forming.

Excessive air in the milk The child is uncomfortable and causes vomiting.

Choosing the right gym can’t just look at the price

Choosing the right gym can’t just look at the price

Fitness clubs often advertise card offers, and many people can’t help but be tempted by low prices, and buy one as soon as they get the urge.

However, after going to exercise a few times, I often feel regretful and can’t persist.

You should know that choosing a gym is not the cheaper the better, but gyms with too low prices and even good facilities will have pile up and inconvenient items due to too many members.

So, don’t get dazzled by the preferential price, you must choose the right fitness club.

  Choosing the right gym can’t just look at the price to visit the best ranking from 6 to 8 pm. This arrangement is when the gym has the most crowds in a day. Select this time to visit. The membership flow, ventilation, cleanliness of the venue, and whether the space is redundantAnd other details will have a more intuitive understanding.

  Location: Convenience is important1.

Single class members can choose a gym near the company, and the best option for those who are already married is a gym not far from home.

  2. Check parking spaces.

If you have a car and don’t care about the distance, then you should pay attention to whether there is enough parking space and whether parking is convenient.

  3. Do not choose a basement.

Good ventilation is a basic condition that a gym should have.

During training, a large amount of sweat is discharged with you, ventilation equipment is not good, it is easy to breed bacteria, and produce an unpleasant odor.

Therefore, try not to choose a crowded basement.

  Fitness coach: must have professional field coaches and personal trainers.

The tour coach can provide free help and guidance while you exercise, and is also responsible for emergency situations.

Personal education is a one-on-one class for members. The fees are usually calculated separately and are not included in the annual card.

If you are a professional personal trainer, you will be given a comprehensive physical assessment during the initial training, including: 1. Basic physical indicators: such as height, weight, body fat ratio, circumference, cardiopulmonary function, soft body, metabolismRate etc.

  2. Previous medical history: If you have high blood pressure, high blood pressure and other susceptible diseases, you need to get the consent of a professional doctor before you can exercise.

In addition, it is necessary to record the exercise base, the maximum load, and the maximum number of lifts.

  Curriculum: Is it complete? If you want to participate in yoga, spinning, boxing, Pilates and other courses, you must pay attention to: 1. Fees: Some courses need to be charged separately. The fees for each gym are different. You should know before.
  2. Time: Each month, the gym will issue a detailed schedule to see if the time of the course is consistent with your own time.

  3, the effect: mainly depends on the level of coaches hired, so we must know in advance, look at the information of each course coach.

  Service items: Reasonably priced most 1. Drinking water: Most gyms provide attenuation during training. If you do not provide fluctuations, you need to see if the various drinks sold at the front desk are reasonably priced.

  2. Storage: See if the cabinet space is safe and free, and whether valuables can be placed at the front desk.

It seems that some fitness annual cards include the annual rent of a locker, while others charge extra, and the price is very expensive.

If you don’t want to carry a large bag of personal toiletries and sneakers to work every day, you need to consult clearly.

  3, bathing: check whether the hot and cold water is sufficient, the number of bathing rooms is sufficient, the bathing space is large enough, and the ventilation is good.

Also, the bathroom should have a hairdryer.

  4. Disinfection: The gym should also disinfect the equipment before the end of the day.

  Fitness equipment: enough quantity, good brand 1, strength equipment: should include bench press, squat rack, gantry, dumbbells and barbells of different weights, each muscle part is equipped with at least 2-3 different training equipment.
  2, aerobic equipment: whether aerobic bicycles, treadmills, elliptical machines, etc. can be used normally, especially pay attention to whether there is a serious queuing phenomenon of basic equipment such as treadmills.


The safety of internationally renowned brands of fitness equipment is relatively guaranteed.

  Blink your eyes when you apply for a card1. When signing a contract, carefully check the terms.

Don’t just listen to the salesperson’s introduction, you should see whether the contract terms are consistent with the merchant’s verbal commitment.

At the same time, ask for the expiration date of the card, and don’t easily believe those words that you can continue to use it after the expiration date to avoid being cheated by the merchant.

In addition, consumers can request to add clauses to the format contract modified by the gym, stipulating how the membership card will handle or compensate if the business fails or is relocated.

  2, rational choice, eliminate waste.Merchants took advantage of the inertia of too many people, “After you open the card, you don’t need to exercise twice.

Therefore, before applying for a card, you should make clear how high your “loyalty” to fitness is, or start with a monthly or quarterly card to reduce risk and waste.

After the experience, the gym’s service quality, coaching situation, credibility, etc. have been recognized, and it is not too late to buy a long-term card.

  3, don’t be greedy for little.

“Even if you don’t have time to exercise, it’s cost-effective to take a bath.” Many people who have a fitness card will have this idea.

In fact, many times it is self-consolation.

  Some gyms are a bit nasty, making membership cards look low-priced, but drinks, towels, showers (or even none) are charged separately during exercise, which is not cheap for a month.

In addition, those gyms that do not have a chain of stores must be cautious in their choice until its membership card is very cheap.

  Bargaining secrets: Be patient. General gym sales staff have 3 prices, and bargaining is a bit patient.

When the price can’t go down, you can ask the other party to give some extra benefits, such as sending an extra month or sending some services that originally need to be charged.

How to eat ginger in summer can easily get wet?


How to eat ginger in summer can easily get wet?

In the mid-summer season, the rapid air and the continuous high temperature, people almost every day in the “steam sauna”, the most important thing in this season is the moisture.

There is an old saying: “Thousands of colds are easy to remove, and it is difficult to get wet.

Wet and viscous, such as oil into the surface.

“Wet and cold together called cold and wet, together with heat called hot and humid, together with the wind called rheumatism, together with the summer is Shushi.

Wet evil does not go, eat more tonic, medicines are similar to the itching, and beat the cows.

Moisture passes through the spleen.

The heavy moisture binds the spleen and is called “spleen spleen”. It will cause dizziness, heavy limbs, nausea, poor appetite, no formation of stool, flatulence of the stomach, and greasy tongue.

Ginger has always been considered a good medicine for dehumidification. So how do you eat ginger in the summer to get good moisture?

Can you get rid of ginger when cooking?

Eat radish in winter to eat ginger, do not need a doctor to prescribe.

Therefore, eating ginger in the summer is better for the body. Chinese medicine believes that Jiang Yi spleen appetizer, quenching thirst, warming and dispelling cold, relieve headache, fever, conditioning cold and cold, cholera abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea.

Ginger has the best solution to the wet effect, so eating ginger is a good way to dissolve the body’s moisture, but only in the cooking seasoned with ginger, can not dissolve the wet effect, so how to eat ginger in the summer to get good moisture
1 ginger jujube blood tea material: about 5 red jujube, 5 longan, ginger half, 鏋告潪 1 small 鎾? brown sugar right amount.

Practice: Wash the dates, cut into small pieces after the core.

Ginger cut fine filaments.

The longan is shelled.

In addition to brown sugar, put all the ingredients in a small boiling pot, add water to the pot 4/5, cook for 15 minutes and turn off the heat.

Put the brown sugar in the cup on your body and pour the ginger jujube tea. You don’t need to stir it immediately.

2 ginger milk material: ginger 50g, pure milk 300ml, sugar 20g.

Practice: peel the ginger, knead it into ginger, squeeze out about 10ml of ginger juice, and pour it into a bowl for use.

Pour pure milk into the milk pot, add sugar and boil over medium heat.

Turn off the heat and let the milk cool down to about 70-80 degrees.

Pour the milk into the bowl filled with ginger in one go, and wait for 10 minutes to condense.

3 pig foot ginger material: add sweet vinegar, salt, ginger, eggs, pig feet.

Practice: Ginger peeled and washed, patted flat, and then dried.

Pig feet go to the hair, cut into pieces, and then fly water.

It is best to add some wine and ginger to go to the smell of pig.

Then put the oil to the ginger before the explosion, remember to put more salt.

After the water is low, put the pig’s feet and fry until dry.

Cook the eggs and peel off the shell.

Add all the ingredients to the bowl.

If the conditions are ok, it is best to have sweet vinegar without other things, about an hour.

4 papaya ginger juice material: 1 papaya, 1 small piece of ginger, vinegar juice 100ML.

Practice: Wash and peel the papaya, dig out the middle seed, cut into pieces, wash the peeled slices with ginger, put in a blender and add water 100ML for about 15 seconds.

5 sweet potato ginger soup materials: one sweet potato, a few ginger slices, more than 10 red dates, a few pearls (pearl yuan can also be), brown sugar right amount, water amount.

Practice: peeled diced sweet potatoes, sliced ginger.

Put the water in the pot, put the ground melon, ginger, red dates, pearls round (if the pearl yuan is placed, it can’t be early, put it 5 minutes before the fire is turned off), and turn the fire for 30 minutes after the fire is turned on.

What should I pay attention to when eating ginger to get wet?1, the ancients said “to eat ginger in the morning, better than drinking ginseng soup.

Eating ginger at night is equivalent to eating arsenic.

“It is good for your health to eat a little ginger in the morning.

But eat at night, because ginger tastes warm, contains volatile oil, gingerol, resin and starch, etc., which is originally hot, will make people get angry, so it is not suitable to eat.

2, if the map is convenient, you can also cut the skin into five or six pieces and put it into the boiling water. After a few minutes, it can be replaced.

3, if you feel that the taste of ginger water is difficult to swallow, you can add some brown sugar to taste, especially for people with chills and dysmenorrhea.

How can you get wet in summer?


Greasy foods with thick and sweet taste, cool fruits such as watermelon, and cold foods such as ice products should be eaten less.


When cooking lettuce, Chinese cabbage, bitter gourd and other cool vegetables, it is best to add onions and ginger to reduce its cold and cool properties.


Foods that strengthen the spleen and dampness, such as white lentils, yam, and coix seed, are all included in the list of selected foods.


Traditional moxibustion has the effect of stagnation, dampness, and yang qi, which is very effective in removing moisture from the body.

People with heavy body moisture can moxibustion in the acupoints (4 inches on the umbilicus) 10?
15 minutes, with the effect of supplementing the gas, qi and activating blood, can effectively relieve stomach discomfort.


Sticking to the right amount of exercise every day is very beneficial to the body.

Exercise can relieve decompression, activate the movement of body organs, and accelerate the excretion of moisture.

If you are a busy friend, you can also keep the old Chinese medicine ginger tea series products, anytime, anywhere, wet and worry?