Jiadu Technology (600728) Quarterly Report Review: Faster Growth in Performance Concerns Landing of Track Delivery Orders and Development of AI Business

Jiadu Technology (600728) Quarterly Report Review: Faster Growth in Performance Concerns Landing of Track Delivery Orders and Development of AI Business

The event company released a quarterly report and achieved operating income in the first quarter of 20198.

50 ppm, an increase of 26 in ten years.

13%; net profit attributable to mothers1.

960,000 yuan, an increase of 571 in ten years.

37%; the net profit after deducting non-attributed mothers is 18.25 million yuan, an annual 返回碼: 500 網站打不開?重查 increase of 10.


Opinion income grew rapidly, and expenses were well controlled. Unicorn participation in shares was reflected in the company’s revenue growth in the first quarter of the income statement.

13%, a faster growth rate, slightly higher than expected, it is expected that some income recognition rhythm will bring the impact.

Expenses were well controlled, with sales expenses of 34.29 million yuan in the first quarter, a decrease of 12 per year.

21%; administrative expenses 28.97 million yuan, an annual increase of 2.

53%, the growth rate is far lower than the growth rate of income.

Attributable net profit is 1.

960,000 yuan, an increase of 571 in ten years.

37%, mainly due to the impact of accounting treatment, and the item of change in fair value was 1.

91 ppm is expected to be reflected in the income statement for participation in AI-type companies.

If the relevant impacts are removed, the company’s operating profit growth rate will be close to 50% per year.

Concerned about the implementation of rail transit business orders and subsequent development space In March 2019, the company’s wholly-owned subsidiaries won the bid for the Guangzhou Metro 119 budget project. It is expected that this part of the revenue will gradually appear in the second half of this year, which will increase the company’s performance.

As an important part of the new infrastructure, rail transit has entered an intensive approval period in the second half of last year. In the future, there will still be orders for supplementary new construction in the country.

At the same time, according to the Guangzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission’s three-year action plan to promote rail transit, Guangzhou Metro is planning to “go global” to expand the market.

The company cooperates closely with Guangzhou Metro, and it is expected to follow up with the expansion of Guangzhou Metro in the future and place follow-up orders.

R & D expenditure is actually relatively high. It is optimistic that the AI business generated results. The company’s R & D expenses in the first quarter were 17.07 million yuan, which slightly declined in the long term, mainly due to the capitalization of some R & D expenses.

Development expenditure items in the first quarter increased by 27.62 million yuan earlier than the end of 18 years. Combined with R & D expenses, the overall R & D investment in the first quarter should be more than 44 million yuan.

With high R & D investment, the company’s AI products are making good progress. In terms of public safety, the “Police Video Cloud” product has won bids for Guangdong, Shandong, Xinjiang and other provinces and cities for AI + security projects for 18 consecutive years.Depth (sinking in districts and counties) was expanded in two dimensions.

In urban transportation, the successful case of “City Traffic Brain” was approved by CCTV, and it is expected to start landing in large and medium-sized cities after continuous verification in the future, with results.

Investment suggestions continue to be optimistic about the company’s AI business and benefit from the new infrastructure wave. Due to changes in accounting standards, the 成都桑拿網 19-year net profit was raised to 6.

35 trillion, expected net profit for 2019-2021.



1.3 billion, corresponding to P / E 24.



35 times, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk Warning: The project landed less than expected; the policy landed less than expected; rail transit investment was less than expected.

Joyson Electronics (600699): Leading intelligent driving to protect safe travel

Joyson Electronics (600699): Leading intelligent driving to protect safe travel

Powerful merger and acquisition gene assisted, Joyson went to the global parts giant. Both the internal and external decorative functional parts started. It directly merged and acquired the global parts breakdown of Purui, IMA, Quin, KSS, TS, Takada, and the revenue scale from 20101.

5 million to 561 in 2018.

800 million.

The company has formed four major business segments: active and passive safety, intelligent cockpit, BMS, interior and exterior decoration functions, high-quality track for card slots, and building a strong moat to participate in future competition.

The company has a rich product system, leading research and development capabilities, supporting Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi 南京夜網論壇 and other customers. Under the high-end and international two-wheel drive, the company is expected to achieve the goal of tens of billions of dollars in revenue in 2021 and rank among the global parts giants.

The combination of KSS + Takada strong and strong, both wins safety approaching the world’s first global automotive passive safety market has a high concentration, CR4 exceeds 80%, resulting in the top four global market shares are Autoliv (40%), Takata (20%)), ZF Trina (17%), and KSS (7%).

After the merger and integration of Takata, Joyson ‘s safety market share is nearly 30%, and the gap between it and the world ‘s first is further narrowed. The original Takata and KSS have collaborations with customers, R & D, and procurement. The integration performance is continuously released, helping the company ‘s automotive safety profitability to improve.

Joyson Safety strives to increase its market share from the current 30% to 35% within three to five years. As a new car safety giant, it proposes to challenge Ottolive’s absolute hegemony level.

HMI + smart car linkage + E-mobility good track, build a cloud of doors, win in the future. The company faces the trend of automotive intelligence, electrification industry, in-depth layout of HMI, smart driving, smart car linkage, BMS and other fields.Navigation systems, connected cars, V2X, ADAS, battery management systems, etc. have entered the supporting system of high-end customers such as Volkswagen, BMW, Audi, and Porsche, and until H1 2019, the company’s electronic seat bay and smart car linkage business totaled 4.2 billion元訂單,電動化 共獲得訂單131 ppm。
We expect that by 2020, the domestic automotive electronics market will exceed 900 billion U.S. dollars. As the company ‘s initial and most in-depth layout of automotive control electronics, the company will have a high-quality track and build a strong entry biology.Trillion market dividends.

Earnings forecast and investment recommendations We expect the company’s 2019-2021 earnings to be 0.

97 yuan, 1.

23 yuan, 1.

45 yuan.

Considering that the company’s market is stable and stable and its development prospects are great, it is given a price-earnings ratio of 20 times in 2020 and a reasonable target price of 24.

6 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: The global automotive industry is weaker than expected; the company’s automotive safety business integration is worse than expected; the company’s customer expansion and order acquisition are less than expected.

Depth-Company-Beijing Culture (000802): Main business development is stable and high-quality movies promote the company’s ranking in the industry

Depth * Company * Beijing Culture (000802): The main business development is stable and the fine film pushes the company into the front line of the industry

The company released its 2018 annual report and achieved operating income12.

0.5 billion, a decrease of 8 per year.

8%, net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company.

26 ppm, a ten-year increase4.

99%, net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company after 杭州桑拿 deduction.

1 ppm, a 10-year increase of 3.


The company’s overall business development is stable in 2018, and it has launched box office and word-of-mouth high-quality boutique projects such as “I’m Not a Medicine God” and “Anonymous”. We believe that the company’s production and distribution capabilities have ranked among the first-line in the industry, maintaining the company’s buy rating.
The main points supporting the film and television business performance is stable, the blockbuster movies have achieved a good harvest at the box office and word of mouth.

During the reporting period, the company’s film business realized operating income5.

16 ppm, an increase of 0 in ten years.

47% of TV dramas and online dramas business achieved operating income5.

18 ppm, a six-year increase of 6.


Among them, the films “I’m Not the Medicine God” and “The Unknowns” produced and released by the company created a box office and word of mouth harvest, reflecting the company’s comprehensive and unique film production and distribution capabilities.

The income of artist brokers has improved, and there is no income contribution from variety shows.

The number of reports is affected by industry policies and other factors. The company’s business has been adjusted, but the cultivation speed of artists has been continuously improved, but the artist brokerage business has shrunk to achieve zero revenue.

76 trillion, with a ten-year average of 44.

65%; meanwhile, compared with the same period of last year, the company has no variety business income.

Therefore, the corresponding decrease in operating income was mainly adjusted by the contraction of artist brokerage business and variety business.

Tourism and hotel services are in a smooth transition.

The report reports that the company’s tourism scenic spot business realized zero operating income.

85 ‰, a decrease of 4 per year.


Tantuo Temple and Jietai Temple Scenic Area are currently in the transition management stage (2016.



31) If the operation ceases in the second half of 2019, the long-term revenue and profit impact of the company is expected to be small.

In addition, combining the brand and traffic advantages in the company’s film and television culture field, the tourism business team has carried out various attempts and explorations. In the future, the synergies of multiple sectors will definitely create a more stable source of revenue for the company.

The main risks faced by ratings are that movies and TV drama revenues are not up to expectations, and major policy changes have taken place.

It is estimated that the company will already have two movies called “ Crazy Call ” and “ Wandering Earth ” in 2019. The box office of “ Wandering Earth ” exceeds 4.6 billion U.S. dollars, which is expected to improve the company’s profitability; assuming that the company’s other businesses are operating stably, the profit forecast is slightly reducedIt is expected that the company will achieve 0 profit in 2019-2021.

56, 0.

64 and 0.

72 yuan, corresponding to the current continuous market surplus reduced by 24 times, 21 times and 19 times, maintaining the company’s buy rating.

Do 5 things a day to stay mentally healthy

Do 5 things a day to stay mentally healthy

Want to stay mentally healthy?

British scientists say that just doing 5 simple little things a day can help us have a positive attitude.

  The first little thing: Connect with others. Feeling good relationships with family, friends, colleagues and neighbors can enrich your life and help you.

  The second little thing: Doing sports, developing hobbies such as dancing and gardening, or developing a habit of walking every day can also make you feel good and promote physical discomfort and health.

  The third little thing: stay curious and observe everyday beauty and unusualness. Learn to enjoy time and think. This will help you see the world with appreciation.

  The fourth little thing: learning to learn musical instruments or cooking and so on.

Challenge and fulfillment bring fun and confidence.

  Fifth little thing: Dedication helps friends and strangers, associate your happiness with the wider society, and you benefit a lot from resetting.

  Accumulating “spiritual capital” The British government’s chief scientific adviser said that the original intention of drafting this report was to gradually accumulate “spiritual capital” in the country.

If we consider the overall state of mind of the nation as a bank account, “we need to consider that certain behaviors can add value to the account and certain behaviors can shrink it.”

  ”We found 5 things that can help people noticeably change their mental state,” said Hooper, a professor of psychology at the University of Cambridge.

Each of these categories is supported by evidence.

These 5 things are very simple. Anyone can do it every day if they want, just like eating 5 kinds of vegetables and fruits every day to promote physical health.

“Debt is easy to cause heart disease Debt is an important factor affecting mental health.

  Half of the coefficients in the United Kingdom have mental illness, far exceeding the proportion of 16% of the national population with psychological disorders.

  ”The mental health problem has long been associated with low income, but recent research has found that the alternative statement may be a reduction in this debt relationship,” Jenkins of the London Psychiatric Association said.

“On the contrary, flexible work is considered a factor that promotes mental health.

Cooper, a professor of organizational psychology at Lancaster University, said: “People who choose a flexible work system are often more satisfied with their work, healthier, and creative!

Psychologist Gan Luchun: 19 small habits that make you happy1. Take a few photos every day Reason: Use the camera to take pictures of people and things around you, such as trees outside the window, small flowers on the roadside, children and neighborsFriends wedding.

Record these moments that may be forgotten at any time. When you organize photos from time to time, you will find all the details are good memories, there is nothing to repeat, so people will easily become happy.

  2. Reasons for watching a sad movie: Watch a stunning movie, such as “When a man falls in love with a woman”, when it is difficult to restrain himself, cry out without hindrance, and then comfort yourself and say that this is just the plot, Not real life, your mood will change a lot.

This is a method of inverse thinking, often used in psychology, to help people think differently.

  3. Daydreaming in the early morning of the weekend. Reasons: Too capable housewife will get up early on Saturday morning and do non-stop chores, such as cleaning the house and cleaning the toilet.

Such habits often make people tired on Saturday nights and affect Sunday sleep.

May wish to put aside the trivial chores and have a beautiful daydream in the early morning of the weekend.

Don’t blame yourself, but encourage yourself to say, “I work so hard and squandering my rest time is understandable.

“4. Reasons for writing emails regularly: Keep in touch with friends who have known you for many years by email.

Those who have the habit of writing diaries, just graffiti or scribble on the paper, can reflect the mental state of the subconscious, and the same is true when writing emails.

And regular emails with friends to talk about your recent life can not only help you relax your heart, but also help you pick up the indifferent friendship.

  5. Reasons for walking by the water: Some studies have pointed out that because of being in amniotic fluid during infancy, people are inherently hydrophilic.

Walking on the water’s edge can effectively help people relax. Even if there are more troubles, in an environment with green trees and flowing water, you can temporarily put aside everything and “steale” for yourself a leisurely moment.

  6. Occasion of eating a big meal occasionally: The beauty of eating a big meal is that not only can you enjoy delicious food, but also make you feel that you have received special courtesy.

When people are taken care of differently from others, their mood will unknowingly improve.

We may have experienced something like this in the hours: When your parents deliberately bought you a beautiful bowl different from other children, you will happily eat more food than usual, and even do not like to eatThe food also became “cute”.

  7. Do nail art once a week. Reason: When you see your long, dirty and severe nails, no one will have a good mood.

Doing nail art once a week can make your nails look more neat and beautiful, and can also give you the satisfaction of “everything under control”, and people become suddenly cheerful.

  8. Reasons for participating in group activities: Although being alone is also one of the ways to adjust your mood, don’t waste your rest time and allocate a part to group activities.

Mountain climbing, outings, conflicts, parties, song clubs . Encourage yourself to actively participate in group activities, and you will find strength to be strong and peaceful in common play.  9. Reasons for regular swimming: Swimming is one of the most exhausting sports, but this easily exhausted activity can cause people to get into trouble and stretch their bodies.

It is also good to choose a person to swim, surrounded by the water, even the bad mood can be softened.

  10. Sing loudly while driving. Reason: When you are in a bad mood, turn on the radio in the car, adjust the volume, and sing aloud along with the melody playing inside. You don’t need to care about other people’s strange eyes.

Maybe you are a bit silly in the eyes of others at this time, it is indeed a good way to let people release their mood quickly.

  11, while drinking coffee, reading novels reasons: pick a famous cafe, bring a novel that has most interested you recently, choose a location by the window, sit down and order a cup of coffee, drink while reading .… Yes, this is the “petty bourgeois” lens that often appears in movies.

But what does it matter? Let yourself experience the romantic shots only in movies, and you will also be affected by touch to get real relaxation and enjoyment.

  12. Send a card to a friend. Reason: Pick 10-15 unique cards, carry them in your bag, wait for the bus, wait in line, check out. When you are waiting for someone, take out a handwritten phrase, such as “”I miss you”, “May your mood be as bright as today’s weather”, “Be sure to be happy”, “Remember our days in college” and so on, and then mail it to your friends.

When all the cards have been written and mailed out one by one, when you think of the surprise expression when your friends receive the card, you will have a charming smile from your heart.

  For the other 7 lifestyles, try -13 from now on, and wear bright, bright clothes every Monday morning.

  14. Make phone calls and scribble.

  15. Occasionally eat one of the most expensive cakes or chocolates, and save the price tag and box.

  16. Sing while bathing.

  17, wear underwear that makes you feel most comfortable.

  18. Regular nightlife.

  19. Sprinkle some dried fruit on the yogurt.

Relieve bloating, so simple

Relieve bloating, so simple

Taking eosinophilic dyspepsia can be improved with eosinophils, as the lack of these benign bacteria is the most common indigestion factor.

Take 10 capsules, or use a tablespoon of powdered formula.

Those who are allergic to milk crystals can use formulations that do not contain milk.

Acidophilus is also a very safe enema. At first you may feel slight discomfort, but it will be around in about 1 hour.

  Unsuitable foods Poor food pairing will cause digestion problems. For example, protein and starch are not good partners. Vegetables and fruits are not a good combination. Milk should not be used with three meals at the same time.

  To drink vinegar, use a tablespoon of pure apple cider vinegar and a glass of water, and sip it during dinner to help digestion.

You can also drink a glass of lemonade when you wake up in the morning, it also has the effect of healing and clearing blood.

  Chewing rice tom soup and barley porridge are effective for problems such as bloating, venting and heartburn.

Add 5 portions of rice (millet or barley) and boil for 10 minutes.

Cover the pot and simmer for another 50 minutes.

Filter and cool several times a day after cooling.

  In general, for flatulence, you need to find foods that you cannot digest, and avoid prescribing them.

Shampoo at night?

Hair loss or not does not matter when

Shampoo at night?
Hair loss or not does not matter when

Netizens often ask, will I lose my hair when I wash my hair at night?

It doesn’t matter if you lose your hair or not.

If you must say that shampooing at night is not good, you are worried that your hair will fall asleep after shampooing. Over time, wetness or coldness will invade the body through several key points behind our neck, leaving a headache, because it is at the top.There are three acupuncture points related to the wind, namely the damp gate, the wind mansion, and the wind pond. This position from the posterior hairline to the 7th cervical spine is a part of these three acupuncture points. This part happens to be the hair.If you fall asleep in a wet place, your body’s firepower will drop while you are sleeping, and it is likely to be cold.

This also suggests that those with neurological headaches, especially exacerbated by cold, can use a hair dryer or a hot water bottle to apply heat to this area when the headaches occur, and relieve the pain by expelling colds.

  Because of hair loss, first of all, the replacement of hair is metabolism, which is related to the physical condition.

Hair is the same as skin. Compared to internal organs, they are secondary. When the body is in poor condition and nutrition is not well absorbed, the body will be handsome. Hair and skin are the first places to be despised, so manyBefore a person notices a physical problem, he or she first notices that the skin is swollen, and the hair is yellow or even replaced. Therefore, for the hair and skin to be good, the overall condition of the body is very important.

  Relatively local approach. First of all, normal shampooing will not cause hair loss, nor will normal hair combing. If the hair is about to be replaced, it will not be lost because you do not comb it.

On the contrary, proper combing of the hair to the local stimulus can increase the local blood supply to the scalp. It is a good way to maintain the hair. The best way is to comb your hair with a wooden comb every morning and evening.Fifty or six minutes, with this facial massage that we do, the health of tooth decay is a truth.

Do yoga and watch TV to build a firm lower body

Do yoga and watch TV to build a firm lower body

How to spend time watching TV?

Snack while watching TV?


Today, people teach women to do yoga while watching TV, specifically to eliminate excess meat on the buttocks and legs.

Expert Ding Dong: Eat a healthy and correct diet, avoid high calories and starch supplements, and exercise yoga will thin the lower body quickly!


Don’t do yoga on a spring bed.


Remember to place yoga mats or large towels on the floor to protect the spine and joints.


Breathing is important, remember to sniff and vomit instead of mouth.


It doesn’t matter if the movements are not standard, don’t over-restrict and keep your breathing smooth.


Practice yoga on an empty stomach. Do not eat for an hour before or after.


Do gentle movements first, warm up enough to do high-impact movements, and avoid injuries.

  The first move hips up 1.

With your hands on your hips, inhale and lift your right foot forward about 45 degrees, step straight, and press your toes down.


Exhale slowly raise your feet back about 45 degrees, leaning forward slightly.


Continue to raise your feet back to 90 degrees, straighten your hands forward, your body is in a line, and try to maintain balance.


Go back to the first action.

Change sides.

  The second move is to tighten the buttocks 1.

The tip is curved and the feet are about eight feet apart from the slender toes of the tibia.


With your feet facing forward, don’t go outside. Inhale the abdomen firmly and lift it up into a ㄇ shape. Don’t fall down and change to M-type.

The positive pole is bent and both feet are close together.


Feet up about 90 degrees.

Can be placed on the retina.


Straighten your feet and hands, don’t shrug your back.

If it is too difficult, you can stay in the second step.

  The fourth move is to repair long legs 1.
Open your feet 90 degrees.

The positive pole is bent, and the fingers clasp the thumb of the foot.


Inhale and straighten your feet up. If it is too difficult, press and hold a slight bend.


The positive pole is bent and the foot is lowered.


If your body is bent forward, your belly should be as close to the floor as possible.

  The 5th move active lower body 1.

Align the bend, close to the forehead, and place your hand on the waist support.


Straighten your feet up, put your hands on your back, and pull your body up as far as possible.


Positive pole bent back.


Bow your body against the floor with your elbows, rest for a few breaths and you’re done.

Just take a moment and watch these TVs while doing these groups of sports, and let you say goodbye to the invasion of fat buttocks!

Don’t let the cutlery colored outer cover your eyes

Don’t let the cutlery colored outer cover your eyes

Mid-Autumn Festival National Day is rare like this year.

In order to add joy to the family gathering, too many families have taken out some fine porcelain, colored pottery and fine crystal wineware that are not usually used, but some people may not have thought that these small tableware placed on the table may be just “beautiful””Drugs” will quietly endanger people’s health.

  ● Wholesale market: Festival tableware sales are hot. Commercial companies should be the busiest in the festival. Especially in the wholesale market where the prices of goods are cheaper than shopping malls, there is a lot of people.

On the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the reporter came to a wholesale market near the West Second Ring Road in Beijing. In the daily necessities and hardware sales areas, a middle-aged male stall owner with a southern accent was busy outside the stalls aroundThe former customer picked up the goods, and the reporter saw a variety of tableware on his booth, including colorful paint chopsticks, colorful plastic bowls in various shapes, and spoons attracting the attention of many people.

In addition, simple microwave lunch boxes, stainless steel tableware and various ceramic bowls, plates, etc. all have their place in the booth.

The reporter asked for a microwave lunch box to open it, and an unpleasant smell of plastic came out. Carefully, the plastic layer was relatively thin.

Seeing the reporter’s dissatisfaction, the stall owner recommended a higher-priced product to the reporter and said, “You can buy this for your own use, this quality is good.

“This lunch box really doesn’t taste much.

The stall owner introduced that general fast-food companies and other large-volume orders like to buy cheap ones, and the requirements of individual customers are relatively high, so he has all kinds of goods here.

  In front of another booth, a lady who was choosing colorful plastic tableware introduced that her child was always not enthusiastic when eating. It was a holiday. Buying beautiful tableware can not only give children gifts but also improve them.His dining enthusiasm.

A stall owner specializing in ceramic wares said that during the two days of the holiday, some fancy ceramic tableware with strange shapes and rich colors are particularly popular, and sometimes they can sell hundreds of pieces a day.

  The reporter randomly asked a number of consumers in the wholesale market whether they considered that these products might be toxic when purchasing tableware. Most of them gave a negative answer. Two consumers were also very surprised.

Relevant experts interviewed by reporters recently reminded repeatedly not to bring “beautiful drugs” home.

  ● Expert: Uncovering the outerwear of colored tableware It is reported that not long ago, a two-year-old child in Vancouver, Canada died suddenly.

After medical examination, the root cause was: The child came to the apple juice in a polychrome pot for twenty consecutive days, which resulted in lead poisoning.

  Dong Jinshi, secretary-general of the Beijing Environmental Cutlery Joint Organization, said that in daily life, some colored ceramic tableware and crystal utensils are one of the sources of lead pollution.

The raw materials (ceramics) of ceramic products and colored glazes contain a large amount of lead, antimony and other metal compounds. If you use such utensils to hold wine, fruit juice, vinegar and other acidic foods or beverages, the lead in colored glazes will be dissolved in food orIn the drink.

Not long ago, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China announced the results of spot checks on the quality of domestic ceramic catering utensils, with a pass rate of only 54.5%.

Most of the substandard products come from collective and individual, private small enterprises, where the lead and cadmium content is too high.

The amount of lead dissolution is mainly from ceramic pigment decals. If the area of the decorative material is too large, the temperature of the roasted flowers is insufficient, or the process is not handled properly, it will cause the amount of lead dissolution to exceed the standard.

Because of the “imported foreign” colored porcelain products, we cannot blindly take it lightly. Not long ago, Hong Kong Customs conducted a spot check on 600 types of porcelain tableware from Japan, Italy, Britain, Portugal and other countries, including bowls, dishes, cups and spoons of different sizes.As a result, there were 526 models that did not meet the requirements of international standards and released excessive amounts of heavy metal lead. The failure rate was as high as 88%.

  Gorgeous crystal products often have lead oxide content as high as 20-30%.

Some people have carried out experiments and used crystal containers to hold wine. After one hour, the lead content in the wine doubled.

If one liter of brandy is placed in a crystal vessel, after five years, the lead content in the wine can reach 20,000 micrograms, far exceeding the environmental protection department’s requirement that the lead content in drinks should be less than 50 micrograms per liter.

  Painted chopsticks are also traditional utensils among them. It is distinguished and elegant, highly decorative, but because paint is a high molecular organic compound, most of them contain toxic chemical components. For example, the lead content of yellow paint accounts for 64% of the total pigment, and the chromium content also reaches16.1%.

Long-term use of paint chopsticks for meals, especially paint replaces the food brought into the stomach together, toxic substances such as lead and chromium enter the body and are accumulated, there is a danger of chronic poisoning.

Therefore, it is best not to paint chopsticks during daily meals. Non-toxic and hygienic bamboo chopsticks or wooden chopsticks should be supplemented. In addition, chopsticks should be disinfected frequently and replaced every six months to prevent chopsticks from becoming a disease vector.
    Plastic is everywhere in people’s lives, and plastic tableware is an important part of household appliances.

Currently safer plastic napkins include polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene plastic products, and the like.

Mr. Wan Qing, a senior engineer and director of the Research Institute of the Institute of Light Industry Plastics Processing and Application, said that due to the high price of raw materials for melamine tableware, some unscrupulous enterprises have replaced urea-formaldehyde powder in the production of melamine tableware in order to pursue profits.Then apply a layer of melamine powder on the surface of the tableware, and the tableware made of urea is harmful to the human body; in order to reduce costs, some companies use waste plastics imported from abroad or used plastics that are recycled in the country.Re-made into plastic tableware, these products are completely harmful to the human body.

Because these products cannot have the pure color of qualified products, they are often processed into some more vivid colors.

The Chinese Consumers Association has announced the comparison test results of 317 brands of plastic baby bottles. It is found that the color pattern of heavy metal release on the surface of several brands is surprising, and its lead release exceeds 20-20 times of European safety standards., The chromium content exceeds 1-5 times.

  The harm of aluminum tableware to the human body is almost everyone’s knowledge, and not long ago, the “Teflon” incident of various coal bodies being heated up, adding a non-stick pan to the unsafe tableware that people need to watch out for.If the pan does not stick to the bottom, it is necessary to coat a layer of plastic called “PTFE” on the inner surface of the pan.

If the product comes from a small workshop with incomplete facilities, it is possible to mix fluorine monomers into this layer of “plastic” and release it upon heating, which is harmful and useless.

The non-stick pans sold in large supermarkets are naturally unlikely to be “poison pans.”

However, if “polytetrafluoroethylene” is heated above 400 ° C, it will decompose. The “tetrafluoroethylene” released is a highly toxic gas.

Non-stick cooker, the inner wall of the rice cooker will be coated with this plastic, so be careful when using it, do not put the cooker on the fire and burn it.

Not what mulberry leaves can be used for drinking?


Only frosted mulberry leaves are the best!

Not what mulberry leaves can be used for drinking?
Only frosted mulberry leaves are the best!

Not what mulberry leaves can be used for drinking?
In this era of public education, everyone is a “health expert”; some flowers and plants in the countryside, there are some plants that are usually eaten by pigs, as long as they are said by the health experts, they are immediatelyMany people are remembered and sought after.

In fact, the efficacy of herbal medicines in rural areas, the older generation of farmers who know some rural earthwork recipes, the effect is quite good.

I just didn’t vigorously promote it, but I used it myself or shared it with my relatives and friends.

Some of the rural methods of these rural people who have been treated for healing and healing have become the gods in the hearts of ordinary people after being slid by experts. Some of the effects have been magnified and myths.

This is a so-called “expert” effect.

Every herb in the countryside has its own characteristics of pharmacodynamics and pharmacology. It is not because people listen to it and use it to get rid of the disease. It needs to be due to human physique, dosage and time.
Some people have an effect when they use it, while others use it slowly or have no effect.

Come and talk about the mulberry leaves that everyone is familiar with today!

Speaking of mulberry leaves, we will unconsciously think of the silkworm baby, and will unconsciously pick up the “spring silkworm to the dead silk, the candle into the gray tears to dry” this ancient saying, you will feel the true meaning of life!

In the past, mulberry leaves in rural areas were generally fed silkworms and pigs. They did not develop and use the added value of them. They grew up in the countryside and let them follow their own nature.

Now, on TV, experts in the network are tired of the benefits of mulberry leaves. Some unknown features have been moved to the countertop and slowly accepted by the public; some merchants have also discovered some business opportunities to make mulberry leaves.A variety of health teas are sold to those who believe in health, and find another way to make the best use of mulberry leaves.

Mulberry is developed into fresh fruit and sparkling wine; mulberry leaves soak in water as tea; mulberry mulberry is used as medicine; mulberry tree becomes a baby.

A lot of people can cherish the mulberry root bark (mulberry white skin) to diarrhea and cough, and exercise horizontally; tender branches (mulberry branches) can be used for phlegm and wind; mulberry (mulberry dates) can be used to supplement liver and kidney; mulberry leaves can be cleanedWind heat, clear liver function.

Mulberry leaves are known as “iron fans” in the folk.

It has a certain effect on wind-heat type cold, blood heat, vertigo, etc. It can also lose weight and clear fat; however, it is best not to pick mulberry leaves on the roadside in rural areas.

Mulberry leaves are cold because of their sweet taste, and people with poor stomach should wear less.

Women in menstruation should be hanged.

Mulberry leaves are not suitable for everyone. If you use them properly, you can’t give up. You must not force yourself to hurt your body.

For the function of mulberry leaves, we should treat it with normality; don’t take it too peculiarly.

Under normal circumstances, it is precisely the so-called miraculous effect of the mulberry leaf itself. Soaking water can only supplement our body with some nutrients and trace elements needed by the body.

The taste of mulberry leaves is not so refreshing. For the average person, if you can accept mulberry leaf tea, it is better; if you can’t get used to it, you can make some nutritional supplements through other foods!

What kind of mulberry leaves are good mulberry leaves?

Mulberry leaves are not medicinal.

Strictly consistent, the harvest of mulberry leaves must be in the first frost, no impurities, no pesticide residue after drying the frost mulberry leaves, winter mulberry leaves can be used as medicine.

Modern famous doctor Zhang Shouyi once pointed out: “Mulberry leaves are better for those who are old and have creams.”

Finally, I would like to share with you a small earthwork of mulberry leaf therapy, I hope to be helpful.

There are many elderly people who have caused an inexplicable dizziness and headache because of the aging of blood vessels. It is not useful to take medicine and injection.

You can try the frost mulberry leaves and add honey to soak the water to drink, stick to the head for more than a month and then do not hurt or faint.

The winter solstice tonic Is it better to make up late? Right?

The winter solstice tonic “Is it better to make up late?” Right?

Experts recommend that the winter solstice tonic food should adhere to three functions: First, there must be insulation function, that is, eat more energy to increase heat supply, foods rich in fat, protein and carbohydrates, including meat, eggs, fish andSoy products, etc.
銆€銆€Second, there must be a function of keeping warm, medical research shows that people are afraid of cold and its lack of minerals in the body.
Therefore, attention should be paid to replenishing minerals.
Chinese people generally use “grain for raising, five fruits for help, five animals for benefit, and five dishes for filling”.
As long as there is no partial eclipse, the body’s demand for minerals such as potassium, iron and sodium can be guaranteed.
銆€銆€People who are particularly afraid of cold can add more vegetables with side roots.
Experts believe that such vegetables grow in the soil, and the roots and husks contain a lot of minerals and nutrients.
銆€銆€Third, there must be anti-drying function, the winter climate is dry, people often have symptoms such as dry nose, dry tongue, dry skin and other symptoms. It is necessary to supplement vitamin B2 and vitamin C.
Vitamin B2 is found in the liver, eggs and milk of animals; vitamin C is mainly found in fresh vegetables and fruits.
銆€銆€The winter solstice has to pay attention to “this winter tonic, next year’s three springs to fight the tiger”, this slang has been circulating for a long time.
Another year of winter solstice, people outside of work should not forget to make up for their own body.
Of course, in order to improve the quality of the tonic, you need to know the common sense of time and method of tonic.
銆€銆€Winter tonic is one of the long-standing folk customs in China.
Chinese medicine cloud: “All things are born in spring, longer than summer, closed in autumn, hidden in winter, people should also.
The ancients believed that the winter March is the season of “hiking lurking, yang qi inside”, and should pay attention to “the way to protect Tibet.”
In other words, winter is the best time to maintain and save in all seasons.
In winter, people’s appetite increased greatly, and spleen and stomach transport became more prosperous. At this time, tonic can better play the role of tonic, with less investment and quick effect.
It turns out that winter tonic can not only nourish the body, but also enhance physical fitness and improve the body’s disease resistance.
銆€銆€So, what time is the best for winter tonic?
There are three kinds of sayings: one is after the winter and before the spring; the second is before the winter solstice; the third is three or nine days.
Experts believe that it is best to make up before and after the winter solstice.
銆€銆€The winter solstice is the shortest day of the year and the longest day of the night.
In the Book of Changes, there is a saying of “winter solstice”.
Specifically, the solar energy runs to the day of the winter solstice, and the cathode is yang. At this time, the yang in the human body is vigorous and vigorous, and it is most easy to absorb the external nutrition, and exert its nourishing effect, which fully shows that it is most suitable for tonic before and after this day.
銆€銆€Of course, the choice of winter tonic time varies from person to person.
People who suffer from chronic diseases and belong to yang deficiency need to make up for a long time. They can start from the beginning of winter until the beginning of spring; those who do not need to make up for their physical fitness can concentrate in three or nine days.
Therefore, the folks have long had the saying that “the summer is full of three volts and the winter is three or nine.”
As for what to make up, how to make up, it is best to consult a doctor.
銆€銆€Food supplement is more important Medical experts said that there are two main ways to supplement: one is tonic, and the other is tonic.
As the saying goes: “The medicine is not as good as the food supplement”, and the food supplement is especially important in winter nursery.
銆€銆€In winter, the temperature is too low. In order to maintain a certain amount of heat, the human body must increase the decomposition of sugar, fat and protein in the body to produce more energy to meet the needs of the body.
Therefore, eat more foods rich in sugar, fat, protein and vitamins.
銆€銆€At the same time, the cold also affects the human urinary system, causing an increase in urination, and more inorganic salts such as sodium, potassium, and calcium are excreted in the urine, so the corresponding food should be supplemented.
Experts suggest that foods such as animal offal, lean meat, fish, eggs, etc. should be appropriately added on the basis of eating more vegetables.
If you have the conditions, you can also eat turtle, mutton, longan, lychee, walnut meat and other foods. These foods are delicious, rich in fat, protein, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients, not only can be supplemented by coldThe excessive consumption of calories can also nourish and nourish the blood, especially suitable for the weak.
銆€銆€Insufficient to make up, people should consider going to the hospital according to their physical condition, and ask the Chinese medicine practitioner to confirm what kind of symptoms belong to them, and then choose the corresponding tonics to make up for their benefits and benefit.
銆€銆€It is best to start from middle age. Nowadays, in order to enhance physical fitness and maintain good health, many people have begun to pay attention to tonic.
Some people think that “the late supplement is better than the early supplement”, which caused the consequences of “children’s long beard.”Medical experts have warned that there is an age limit for tonic. Premature supplementation is likely to affect the normal growth and development of the human body. If it is too late, it may miss a good opportunity.

銆€銆€Traditional medicine believes that normal people should make up for men, and men should start around 40 years old. Women should start around 35 years old.

This argument is valid.

“Nei Jing” records that before the age of 40, men were energetic, full of muscles and strong bones; after the age of 40, they began to appear “kidney failure”.

The woman was physically strong before the age of 35, with a delicate face and strong hair growth. After the age of 35, the energy began to be unsatisfactory, the face began to burn, and the hair began to replace.

銆€銆€More and more information indicates that 40 years old is the limit of changes in human health.

Most of the primary cardiovascular diseases begin to develop after the age of 40 and gradually worsen.

Such as arteriosclerosis, especially in patients with cerebral arteriosclerosis, the age is basically above 40 years old; and such as senile arthritis (also known as proliferative arthritis), clinical findings of X-ray changes usually after 30-40 years old; have to talk about tiger color changeThe onset time of cancer is that lung cancer occurs more than 40 years old, gastric cancer occurs in 40-60 years old, and liver cancer occurs between 30-50 years old.

銆€銆€In this way, it is appropriate and necessary to start supplementing at the age of 40.

In addition, Chinese medicine believes that the spleen and stomach transport function of middle-aged people is normal, and it can be supplemented and supplemented.